Make Music Great Again

Official Physical CD Album


Track List:

  1. My Trump Song
  2. Industry Sl*ts and Puppet F*cks
  3. CI’s #1
  4. Honest Opinion
  5. Syringe Full of Cringe
  6. In The Ghost
  7. P.S.A. (No Bias)

About J360 & The Album

Thank you for considering the purchase of my CD. I have been a Trump supporter since 2015.

Being in the music industry and being a Trump supporting Republican/Conservative was and still continues to be a big challenge.

Everyone at every record label is a Democrat Trump hating Obama lover. I found myself in very awkward position many times. I also always felt like I was being purposely held back. I wanted to come out with an album like this for over 4 years now. My management and advisors were heavily against it.

I fired all of them and decided to switch my music from trap rap and hip hop to this new style. I would describe this music as going to war with the left (Hollywood, Sports Entertainment, Politics, The Elites, BLM, Antifa and many others). I consider this album mixed with education, debate, dark comedy and religion.

It is my new thing basically putting it all on the table and people are loving it. I am a Christian but let me apologize ahead of time I am nowhere near or close to perfect.

My views and disgust toward the left are based on the impact they are having on the future of our nation as a whole, how it is affecting and will affect my children, your children and many other innocent Americans.

I asked God to just put it in my head and guide me on what I should do and this is the result. I’m here to fight fire with fire!

I am 1 man against what I believe to be a complete satanic, cult-minded music industry. I need all the support I can get from like-minded people!

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and share the vid for my Trump song on all your social sites along with text and emails to friends, family and co-workers!

Also Follow me on Facebook @ JayThreeSixty and on Instagram @ JayThreeSixty_

I am a humble person and will happily respond to any messages! Let’s continue to work together to both make America and Music Great Again!

God Bless!